SmoCAN Hot Can

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With this Manly Can, the man in your life can stay “Smo’Can” Hot every season! For the spicy and fun-loving guy, the Smo’Can Hot Manly Can features products such as Crawdad’s Classics Hot Sauce and Bootleg Four Pepper Death Punch Salsa, along with hot pepper and sriracha peanuts and Banjo Boy jalapeno beef jerky. With close to ten different tasty items, this manly can is guaranteed to have his taste buds sizzlin’ with flavor and spice!

  • Crawdad’s Classics Three Pepper Hot Sauce
  • Manly Cans Hot Pepper Peanuts
  • Manly Cans Sriracha Ranch Peanuts
  • Bootleg Four Pepper Death Punch Salsa
  • Banjo Boy Jalapeno Beef Jerky