3.5 Gallon Snackage Can

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Are you laughing at the 1 Gallon  Snackage Manly Cans knowing they will never fill the men in your life? Then the 3.5 Gallon Snackage Manly Can is what you're going to want. Extra munchies, bigger galvanized Manly Can and a guarantee to fill your man. A sure way to a man's heart is through his stomach and this Manly Can is guaranteed to make his heart and tummy happy. Each item provides a filling and energizing snack for any man during his manly activities. Fixing the deck? Have some Trail Mix! Just plain hungry because you're a man? Eat the whole Manly Can in one sitting! The manly activities are endless and the 3.5 Gallon Snackage Manly Can will make those activities even more manly. Loaded in a reusable burlap sack and a galvanized can with lid. This Manly Can is sure to leave the man in your life full and happy.
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